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Budget Account

What is the Budget Scheme?

Modern living involves the payment of all kinds of bills, such as mortgages, electricity, road tax etc, using the Credit Union Budget Account service, provided normally at a charge, members can release themselves from the burden of having to remember to pay these bills, and also save themselves the time and inconvenience involved in making each individual payment.

How does it work?

You decide which regular bills you want to include in the budget plan. Next you estimate how much each bill will be over the twelve-month period, and total all of them up. Members are well advised to over-budget a little in case of emergencies and increases in the cost of some of the bills. Divide the total by 52 if paying weekly or by 12 if paying monthly. Direct Debits are also available for paying bills including E.S.B and Eircom. Any surplus at the end of the year can be transferred to shares, refunded or included in next year’s budget.

Here are some great reason to join our budget scheme:

  • Hassle Free
  • Easy management of your funds
  • Spread the cost over 12 months
  • Pay all your bills from one place automatically

Please call our office today to make an appointment and attend the office with your Budget Account Form & the required Documentation.

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